IRCC held two targeted Canadian Express Entry Draws on April 9, 2020. Draw #141 invited 698 candidates with a minimum Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) of 606. The high CRS is due to all the candidates having Provincial Nominations. Having a Provincial Nomination adds 600 points to your overall CRS score.

The second, draw #142, invited 3294 candidates from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), with Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) 464. CEC candidates chosen must have a minimum of 1 year of Canadian work experience out of the last 3 years. All four of the most recent draws (March 19, 23rd, Apr 9th) have been a targeted pool.

There are over 149,000 candidates currently in the EE pool and 23,626 candidates with a score ranging between 451 and 500 (number taken a few days before the April 9, 2020 draw). The number of candidates in the pool continue to increase and more and more candidates have high CRS scores, making the pool for those with lower CRS scores larger. As a result, minimum CRS points for an ITA are not likely to go down. In any event, it is hard to predict what will happen and what the candidate requirements will be for the next draw and whether it will be a targeted draw, or open to all candidates.

Since IRCC is still accepting applications, we recommend that you submit your EE application as soon as you can because EE may close at any time due to the impact of COVID-19. In addition, IRCC is permitting applicants to submit applications for Permanent Residence, even if there are missing documents, so long as a letter of explanation is included with the application. IRCC will then provide 90 days to submit any missing documentation, as well as a 90-day window to submit biometrics. This is because many organizations are currently closed and IRCC is aware of these external obstacles.