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The predominately French-speaking Canadian Province of Quebec appeals to immigrants with its natural beauty, strong economy and high standard of living. It presents as a safe, secure and serene environment with a vibrant multi-cultural society that is perfect for raising families. In addition, Quebec offers a world class educational system and efficient healthcare systems. These benefits highlight just a few of the many reasons immigrants visit and then settle in Quebec.

Through a special agreement with the Canadian government, Quebec has its own immigration pathways for determining and selecting immigrants to live and work in its province. Whether you are following the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the Quebec Experience Program, our law firm can guide you through the process of obtaining and preparing the appropriate documents so that you can work and thrive in Quebec on a permanent basis.


Applicants who wish to immigrate to Quebec as a Skilled Worker must now submit an online Expression of Interest (“EOI”). The EOI will contain information about your education; work experience; current status in Quebec (you do not have to be physically in Quebec, but can also apply from overseas); family information; language skills in English and French; and job offer (not required, but adds points to your score). Candidates will be initially assessed and issued an 
Invitation to Apply (“ITA”) for immigration to Quebec.

There are several steps that must take place between submitting your EOI and actually being approved to apply for permanent residence under the QSWP stream. These steps include an assessment, submission of several documents and selection criteria that you must meet before you can even apply for permanent residence. Applicants must score a 50 (if you are single) or 59 (if you are married) in order to receive a Certificat de sélection du Québec (commonly referred to as a “Quebec Selection Certificate” or “CSQ”) based on the following selection criteria:

  1. education (at least a vocational high school diploma or Quebec equivalent);
  2. training (based on Quebec’s “List of Areas of Training”);
  3. age;
  4. language proficiency in French and English (an evaluation test will be required);
  5. lawful work experience in the last 5 years prior to the date of application;
  6. employment offer (added points, but not required);
  7. number of stays in Quebec and family in Quebec;
  8. the accompanying spouse’s characteristics;
  9. dependent children under age 22 who are accompanying you; and
  10. settlement funds (must sign contract that you will be financially secure for a minimum of 3 months following your arrival).

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Temporary foreign workers and international students can apply under the Quebec Experience Program for permanent immigration. Your first step will be to obtain a CSQ based on specific selection criteria. Once you receive your CSQ, you will need to apply for permanent residence with the IRCC. In addition, to proceed with this immigration program, eligible candidates must have acquired advanced intermediate knowledge in speaking French by taking a French course at a Quebec educational institution or must have taken the French language test.

Eligible candidates fall into the following two categories:

  1. Quebec International Graduates – those students who graduated from a Quebec educational institute with a Quebec diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s or PhD, Diploma of Vocational Studies, or Diploma of College Studies, with a working knowledge of spoken French.
  2. Quebec Skilled Temporary Foreign Workers – these individuals must have at least 12 months of skilled work experience as either a full-time working student with a Post-Graduate Work Permit, under a Youth Exchange / International Experience Canada Program or under a temporary work permit. These students’ work experience must be completed within the last 24 months, with a working knowledge of French. Please note, in order to apply under the applicant must have legal status in Quebec.

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