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    Mississauga Immigration Lawyer – Faryal R. Poonah

    Poonah Law Firm, a well-established legal entity in Mississauga, specializes in immigration law services. As a dedicated immigration lawyer in Mississauga, our firm offers invaluable guidance and support to individuals and families navigating the intricate Canadian immigration system. With a profound understanding of the constantly evolving immigration policies and regulations, Poonah Law Firm is wholeheartedly committed to helping clients realize their aspirations of residing, working, and establishing themselves in Mississauga. Our extensive experience enables us to proficiently manage various immigration matters, including sponsorship applications, work permits, study permits, and skilled worker programs.

    Navigating the Immigration Process with Expert Guidance

    Navigating the immigration process can be complex and daunting, but with expert guidance, it becomes a smoother and more manageable path. Whether you’re aiming to move to a new country for work, family reunification, or other purposes, having a knowledgeable and experienced immigration professional by you can make all the difference. They can help you understand the legal requirements, complete the necessary paperwork, and provide invaluable insights to enhance your chances of success. With expert guidance, you can confidently navigate the immigration process and take steps toward realizing your dream of living in a new country.


     The U.S. remains the land of opportunity, and there are many immigration pathways to accessing those opportunities.


     Canada has one of the most positive immigration pathways with plans to admit more immigrants each year.



    Mississauga, the “Europe of North”, has many popular immigration programs separate from other Provinces.

    Your Trusted Immigration Lawyer in Mississauga

    Poonah Law Firm proudly serves as your trusted immigration lawyer in Mississauga. Led by a dedicated legal professional, our firm is committed to providing expert guidance and support throughout your immigration journey. Whether you’re aiming for permanent residency, work permits, or family sponsorships, we have a deep understanding of Canadian immigration laws to ensure your case is handled with precision and care. With a proven track record of successful immigration cases, we offer tailored solutions to your needs.

    Immigration Lawyer Mississauga Free Consultation

    For those navigating the intricacies of immigration law in Mississauga, Poonah Immigration Law Firm offers a valuable resource with their provision of free consultations. Understanding the importance of accessible legal guidance, the firm provides individuals with an opportunity to discuss their immigration concerns with experienced professionals at no cost. Poonah Immigration Law Firm’s commitment to offering free consultations underscores their dedication to helping clients comprehend their legal options and make informed decisions about their immigration matters. This initiative not only serves as a testament to the firm’s client-centric approach but also assists individuals in Mississauga in taking the initial steps toward a successful immigration process with the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced immigration lawyers.


    Can an immigration lawyer help with provincial nominee programs in Ontario?2023-11-07T13:44:36+00:00

    Yes, an immigration lawyer can assist with provincial nominee programs (PNPs) in Ontario. They can guide you through the specific requirements of Ontario’s PNP, helping you understand the criteria, preparing your application, and maximizing your chances of nomination for permanent residency.

    It’s essential to consult with an immigration lawyer in Ontario for personalized guidance on your specific immigration needs and circumstances.

    What services can I expect from an immigration lawyer in Ontario?2023-11-07T13:45:31+00:00

    Immigration lawyers in Ontario offer various services, including evaluating your eligibility, preparing and submitting applications, representing you in immigration hearings or appeals, and providing legal advice throughout your immigration journey.

    How do I choose the right immigration lawyer in Ontario?2023-11-07T13:46:22+00:00

    When selecting an immigration lawyer in Ontario, consider their experience, specialization in immigration law, and track record of successful cases. It’s also essential to ensure they are licensed and in good standing with the relevant legal authorities.

    Why should I hire an immigration lawyer in Ontario?2023-11-07T13:46:56+00:00

    Hiring an immigration lawyer in Ontario is beneficial because they possess in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, policies, and procedures. They can help you understand your options, prepare your applications correctly, and navigate the complex immigration system, increasing your chances of success.

    What does an immigration lawyer in Ontario do?2023-11-07T13:47:19+00:00

    An immigration lawyer in Ontario specializes in Canadian immigration law and provides legal assistance to individuals and families seeking to navigate the immigration process. They offer guidance on various immigration matters, including visa applications, permanent residency, work permits, family sponsorships, and legal representation in immigration proceedings.

    Our Array of Immigration Services in Mississauga Includes:

    Skilled Worker

    Express Entry is an online system used to manage and expedite permanent residency applications skilled workers under federal and some provincial programs.

    Provincial Nominee Program

    Determine which Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP’s) “streams” may be available to you based on your skills, education, and occupation for Canadian immigration

    Investors & Entrepreneurs

    Canada is seeking newcomers with ownership and/or business management experience to start/purchase an existing business through its Federal & PNP program

    Self-Employed / Permanent

    Learn about Canadian immigration, requirements for citizenship and paths to green card.

    Business Immigration

    Explore options through investment and/or business to live permanently in the Mississauga.

    Family Sponsorship

    Do you speak French? Consider your options to live, study or work in Mississauga.


    Highly professional staff that will provide you with personalized assistance. Extremely knowledgeable with all immigration options. Assisted us with family-based petition and made the process seamless. I would highly recommend their professional services!


    Amazing to work with. Always available to answer questions and dealt with all hurdles and obstacles to retain my immigration status. Was able to meet deadline to file case efficiently and quickly. If you want your case to be treated with priority and dedication, let Poonah Immigration Law Firm help you!


    I cannot recommend this law firm enough. In my time of need, they were there to provide the best legal advice to help me. I owe my peace of mind to them and I am highly grateful. If you are looking for a well-rounded law firm, this law firm is for you!


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