People who desire to live in Canada on a permanent basis typically consider the following reasons for becoming a citizen of Canada:

  • the majestic natural scenery
  • the French-Canadian cuisine
  • world renown athletic teams
  • immigrant-friendly reputation
  • healthcare and childcare benefits
  • safety and security due to low crime rates

Additionally, due to the uncertainty and backlog in the U.S. Immigration system for the U.S. Green Card, many immigrants are considering Canada as a prospect to call “home”. In fact, U.S. backlogs may continue to rise while the Canadian Immigration system offers permanent residence to qualified individuals in as little as 6 months in some cases. Our firm is licensed in both jurisdictions; therefore, we can explore all options when it comes to your immigration goals and concerns.


Each your, almost 200,000 foreigners become Canadian citizens. Our qualified legal team can assist those who have a permanent resident status with acquiring full Canadian citizenship. After living in the country for 3 full years, permanent residents can apply for full citizenship. Our law firm is well-versed with the eligibility criteria necessary to secure your Canadian Citizenship and will gladly walk you through the application process.

There are a number of pathways to becoming a Canadian citizen; they include:

  1. Birth within Canada;
  2. Applying for a Certificate of Citizenship to show that you were born outside of Canada to one or both parents who are Canadian citizens living abroad; or
  3. Applying for citizenship as a permanent resident who has lived in Canada for a full 1095 days in the 5 years prior to applying for citizenship.

When applying for Canadian Citizenship, you will be required to take a Citizenship Knowledge Test (you are exempt if you are under 18 or over 55 years old), which will include an interview with the IRCC to assess your language proficiency in English or French. Please note, you cannot apply for citizenship if you have been convicted of a serious crime in the last 4 years prior to filing a citizenship application or if you have been officially ordered to leave Canada.


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