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Numerous opportunities await foreign nationals who desire to immigrate to Canada. Canadian permanent and temporary visa programs that can help you take advantage of these opportunities include the Investor and Entrepreneur Visas, Permanent Visas, Temporary / Work Visas, and Citizenship. The Faryal R. Poonah Law Firm can assist you with identifying the best visa program to take as your pathway to Canadian immigration.

We specialize in identifying the individual needs of business owners, professionals and individuals who desire to work, study, live or do business in Canada. We can strategically assess your specific goals and unique situation to help you select and apply for your temporary or permanent immigration status so that you can immigrate to Canada successfully and as expediently as possible.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

Businesses, investors and entrepreneurs will find welcoming federal and provincial programs designed to attract those interested in pursuing profitable opportunities in Canada. Visa programs like the Federal Self-Employed Persons, Federal Start-Up Visa Program and Provincial Nominee Programs can help you gain assess to these opportunities. Our law firm can successfully guide you through these programs to help you make the most of your commercial enterprises in Canada.

Permanent Visas

Canadian residents enjoy amazing benefits that attract immigrants from around the world to this country. Some benefits include its healthcare system, childcare system, low crime rates, clean natural resources, family sponsorships and much more. To qualify for a Canadian Permanent Visa, there are federal and provincial pathways that you can take. However, understanding which pathway you should take requires careful evaluation. Allow our law firm to help you take the right pathway.

Temporary Work Visas

If your visit is short term, a temporary visa may be the best option. The primary purpose of a temporary visa is to allow an individual to enter Canada for a short or temporary period of time. There are many visa options that are applicable to different types of stays in Canada. Our law firm can assist you with determining the best visa for your particular stay.


After living in the country for 3 full years, individuals with a permanent resident status can apply for Canadian Citizenship. Settling in Canada has become increasing popular due to the backlog in the U.S. Immigration system for obtaining the U.S. Green Card. Our law firm is well-versed in the Canada’s Citizenship process and can skillfully walk you through its program.

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