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The U.S. welcomes immigrants with proper credentials and exceptional skill-sets. Whether entering the U.S. to visit, study, work, or to live permanently, we can help you obtain the proper documents and visas for your stay. We are knowledgeable and experienced with helping immigrants develop an effective immigration plan and package under the U.S.’s immigration programs, which include Investor, Entrepreneurs and Business Visas, Permanent Immigrant Visas (“Green Cards”), Temporary Non-Immigrant Visas, and Citizenship and Naturalization.

The Faryal R. Poonah Law Firm is compassionate and dedicated to diligently working with you to help you reach your desired goals. The process for obtaining the proper credentials for your temporary entrance or permanent settlement in the U.S. can be simplified when you work with the right law firm. Allow us to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully immigrate to the U.S.

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Investors, Entrepreneurs and Business Visas

U.S. immigration laws make visas available to certain business professionals seeking to engage in commercial ventures that benefit the U.S. economy.  If you are an investor, entrepreneur or business person, the U.S. offers the following immigrant and non-immigrant visa programs for you: EB-5 Immigrant InvestorB-1 Temporary Business Visa; L-1A – Intra-Company Transferee; and the E-2 Non-Immigrant Investor programs. Each program has a different set of benefits and eligibility requirements. Our law firm can help you assess and select the program that best suits your business goals.

Permanent Immigration Visas (“Green Card”)

The Permanent Immigration Visa or Green Card grants foreign nationals legal residency and authorization to work in the U.S. while maintaining their citizenship with another country. There are several types of individual and family visas, all of which have different requirements. Having a qualified Immigration Lawyer on your side can help you tremendously when weighing options and trying to determine which visa pathway to take.

Temporary Non-Immigration Visas

Temporary Non-Immigration Visas are provided to individuals who plan to enter the U.S. for a specific purpose and for a specified time period. This type of entrance does not lend itself to permanently residing in the U.S. Before a temporary visa can be granted, proof of residence and ties to other countries must be demonstrated. Contact our law firm to learn more about which visa is most appropriate for your stay. We would be happy to assist.

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Citizenship and Naturalization

Obtaining Citizenship and Naturalization documents is a process that should not be taken lightly or attempted without careful preparation. Working with a law firm that is well-versed in current immigration laws can help in getting applications and documents submitted for evaluation and acceptance. Consider partnering with our law firm when deciding to move forward with acquiring your Citizenship or Naturalization Certificate.

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