Saskatchewan EXPANDS its SINP Occupation in Demand (“OID”) list for the International Skilled Worker (“ISW”) Category.

One of Canada’s most promising Provincial Nomination Programs (“PNP”) has just restructured its eligibility requirements. Saskatchewan, one of the few Province’s which does not require an employer job offer letter, has made changes to its most popular programs, the OID and Express Entry (“EE”) pathways. Both of these pathways are geared to attract potential candidates with higher education (post-secondary degree, diploma, certificate, or training or apprenticeship), comparable to the Canadian education system and work experience (1 year or more) in a high-skilled (Professional, Managerial, or Trade Occupation) and in-demand occupation.

Both the ISW OID and the ISW – Saskatchewan Express Entry subcategories operate on a Notification of Interest (“NOI”) basis where applicants must create an online EOI profile. Under the revised changes, EOI’s will only allow applicants to choose an eligible occupation from the drop-down list. Therefore, only eligible occupations will be ready for selection and ineligible occupations will not even be available. Overall, these changes will increase the number of immigrants coming into Canada, namely Saskatchewan.

Therefore, there are two main changes:

  1. A List of Ineligible Occupations (whereby an EOI is not possible) has been published. If your occupation is on this list, you will not have the ability to submit an EOI; and,
    The EOI system will now review Saskatchewan labour market demand forecast along with additional factors for selection.
  2. In order to determine labour market demand in selecting new candidates for the program, the SINP will be using the “Saskatchewan Detailed Occupational Outlook, 2019-2023. The Outlook provides a breakdown of good, fair, or limited on specific occupational job look, where occupations with “Good” outlooks are the most promising. A total of 437 occupations are forecasted based on labor market information.

One thing that has not changed is Saskatchewan’s requirement to score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the ISW SINP point assessment grid in order to be eligible to apply under the SINP ISW sub-category.

Saskatchewan continues to have one of the most promising PNP’s, so take this opportunity to submit your EOI with our assistance. Please contact The Law Firm of Faryal R. Poonah a trusted a reputable Immigration Law Firm and complete your online assessment today, or contact us via email to determine if you can jump start your immigration goals!