With the growing number of Teacher shortages in Quebec, The Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Learning announced a campaign to attract Foreigners and Canadians to come to the Province to teach. The groups of people targeted are Foreign Teachers, Teachers in other Provinces in Canada, Professionals wishing to change careers, as well as Students wishing to change their field of study.

The path for Foreign teachers appears promising as Quebec’s Ministry of Education confirms that “several training courses are recognized internationally in Quebec and that several professional and academic paths can lead to the teaching profession”. This is great news to Teachers overseas as this would provide them with Canadian Work Experience which they can later use to apply for Permanent Residency under the Express Entry path.

As for Teachers in other Provinces, since they already have a teaching license, it will be easy to obtain their license in Quebec. In addition, for those who want to teach but don’t have the qualifications, they can “redirect their studies or career to obtain a provisional teaching license”. What if you have already completed your University degree? The Ministry has stated “people who have completed their university education in a subject taught in elementary and high schools in Quebec, they can become a teacher by completing a qualifying master’s degree”. This is amazing news for Teachers overseas looking to immigrate, as well as for Canadians who decide later on they want a change in career.

It comes as no surprise that the shortage of teachers may be attributed to Quebec’s law (Bill 21 passed in June 2019) prohibiting public school teachers and other public occupations (government lawyers, judges and police officers) from wearing religious symbols while at work, thereby excluding women who wear hijabs. Perhaps changes are necessary in Quebec’s Secular Law to keep in line with the Canada’s policy of tolerance and freedom of religion and expression. In June 2019, many Muslim Women had to make a choice – a choice to continue their career, but give up a reflection of themselves and a part of their faith; a choice that should not be called a “choice”, but rather a “sentence”.

If you are a teacher overseas and are interested in immigrating to Quebec, we can help you determine if you can apply for a teaching license. There several internationally recognized programs that will allow you to teach in Quebec. Once you have your teaching license, you can start your immigration process and we are here to help you.

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