As a result of COVID-19 precautions, Paragon Testing Enterprises halted a significant volume of testing in Canada, USA and other international countries. During this time, they were offering additional free online instruction and reduced study material prices. They also advised that once COVID-19 precautions have been lifted, they will increase availability.

Although COVID-19 restrictions have not been lifted, some test centres are now offering CELPIP test sittings in Canada, USA and Dubai. There are current plans to re-open testing in China, India and the Philippines by next week.

This comes at a time where the risks of Coronavirus is still very high and quite surprisingly, China is one of the first testing centres to re-open.

When asked what measures are being taken for safety, the response was as follows:

Following public health guidelines, we are currently taking the following measures to protect test takers:

  • We carefully clean all workstations and equipment with disinfecting wipes after each test. This includes cleaning the desk surface, pens, keyboard, mouse, and all parts of the headset, including the microphone.
  • Test takers are separated by privacy shields for the duration of the test.
  • We are asking test takers who believe they are unwell or at risk due to recent international travel to contact us in advance and reschedule their test for free.
  • Test takers who exhibit clear symptoms of illness on test day, or who are being disruptive or unsanitary due to continual coughing, will be dismissed from the test and offered a transfer.
  • You are welcome to wear a medical face mask at the test. You will need to remove it temporarily for identification and to take your photo.
  • Physical Distancing measures will be in place during SET UP and CHECK-IN
  • Physical Distancing measures with reduced number of test takers and staff per sitting
  • Additional sanitary measures for wiping down the test lab and equipment
  • Recommendation to wear personal masks (will be required to remove during ID verification and during speaking test)

Those thinking of taking the CELPIP, should visit the website

Unfortunately, unlike the IELTS, CELPIP test centres are currently very limited with only a few countries having locations.