As of October 8th, there is now compassionate entry for travellers and limited release from quarantine, that is not strictly for family under certain circumstances such as:

  1. Foreign nationals with dying relatives,
  2. Those attending a funeral,
  3. If you must care for a critically ill relative.


What is Compassionate Entry?

There are exemptions that will allow family and friends to enter Canada. These are in limited situations for compassionate reasons to visit a:

  1. Canadian citizen
  2. permanent resident
  3. temporary resident­
  4. protected person
  5. a person registered as an Indian under the Indian Act


These relaxed travel restrictions are new policies aimed at family reunification. Canada is working hard to balance the health and safety of Canadians and understand that there are circumstances where friends and/or families must be together. In June, Canada lifted travel restrictions for immediate family members and now it is for international students, extended family members, as well as on compassionate grounds.


There are several steps to follow in order to obtain authorization under compassionate grounds.


Step 1, Each traveller to Canada must complete an application form and provide supporting documentation, such as:


  1. Letter of Required Support, completed and signed by a licensed health care professional that certifies that your presence is required to:
    • be present during the final moments of life for a loved one or to support someone who is critically ill
    • provide care or support for someone who has a medical reason


  1. If you need to attend a funeral or end of life ceremony, the following documents are examples that can be used as part of the death notification:
  • statement of death
  • medical certificate of death
  • burial permit
  • death certificate


 Instructions for the Letter of Required Support

  • Letter of Required Support is required if you’re providing support or care or requesting to be present during the final moments of life for a loved one.
  • A Letter of Required Support isn’t required to attend a funeral or end of life ceremony.


If you must complete the letter of required support:

  1. Download the Letter of Required Support(PDF).
  2. Send the Letter of Required Support to the licensed health care professional who can certify that your presence is required.
  3. You’ll need the completed and signed Letter of Required Support to submit your completed application to us for processing.

If you also require limited release, you must also complete an application for a limited release from quarantine.


Step 2: Site visit authorization during limited release from quarantine

If you need to temporarily leave your place of quarantine for a compassionate reason, you may need additional permission from the site you’re visiting and must complete a Site Visit Authorization Form. This signed form must be submitted as supporting evidence with your application.

A Site Visit Authorization may not be required if you’re visiting a public setting or site, for example, a funeral in a public park.


Step 3: Traveller Application

This is the actual application form you must complete using the secure web portal. The Traveller Application form requires your contact information and details on the reason you’re requesting an assessment.

You won’t be able to submit your application until you have all the supporting documents:

  • Letter of Required Support or documentation used to support a death
  • Site Visit Authorization(s)

There are (3) types of applications:

You must determine which application form to complete:

  1. Application for Entry for foreign nationals only
  2. Application for Limited Release from Quarantine for foreign nationals already in Canada, as well as Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons registered under the Indian Act
  3. Application for Entry and Limited Release from Quarantine for foreign nationals

Attach all your supporting documentation and wait for the confirmation. Applications are assessed by the Public Agency of Canada.


When you do travel, make sure to have your travel documents in order. Make sure to have your quarantine plan in order. If you will be quarantined with a vulnerable person, make sure you have a consent letter from them.


If you require assistance with information on how to apply for the exemption for compassionate reasons and how to complete the forms, please contact our office to obtain a consultation with our Lawyer.