Parole Process for Venezuelans

On October 12, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a collaboration with Mexico to reduce the number of Venezuelans that are attempting to utilize the Southwest Border to escape the humanitarian and economic crisis in their home country. In response, this Parole process is intended to undertake irregular migration and reduce the pressure on cities and states that are taking in those fleeing from Venezuela. The number of Venezuelans that have tried to cross the southern border has quadrupled since last year. The ultimate goal of the U.S. is to reduce irregular immigration while also creating safe and lawful pathways for entry for eligible individuals.

New Process

Typically, when a Venezuelan enters the U.S. without lawful authorization through a port of entry, they will immediately be sent back to Mexico. Under the new Parole, the U.S. is hoping to bring in 24,000 Venezuelans once they decrease irregular immigration, so long as Mexico keeps accepting Venezuelan’s that are sent back from the border.

Who is Eligible

Eligibility to enter the U.S. depends on a Venezuelan having someone in the U.S. that can provide financial and housing support, as well as other means of support. A Venezuelan must undergo biometric and biographic national security and public safety screening and examinations. They must also receive any vaccinations that are required and complete any other public health requirements.

Who is Ineligible

Any Venezuelan that has been ordered removed by the U.S. within the past 5 years will not be considered for new entry. Also, anyone that lacks authorization but has still crossed through the ports of entry after October 12 will also be disqualified from lawful entry in the future. Anyone who has also unlawfully entered Mexico or Panama after October 12 or any Venezuelan that is a permanent resident or dual national or refugee of another country other than Venezuela will be ineligible for the new process. Any Venezuelan that does not have the required vaccinations or does not complete other public health requirements will also be considered ineligible.

After Approval

Once approved, Venezuelans will be authorized to travel to the U.S. by air to an internal port of entry (to reduce the number of people entering through borders) and once they have entered the U.S., they will be able to apply for work authorization.


DHS will oversee the process and collaborate with communities and partners. Any individual that is U.S.-based and holds lawful status, which includes representatives of businesses and organizations, can sponsor a possible Venezuelan beneficiary, but the sponsor must prove that they are financially able to support the beneficiary. Possible sponsors may apply to DHS to aid individual eligible Venezuelans through Anyone working with organizations that wish to sponsor a possible beneficiary must state that the organization is willing to financially sponsor the individual and must undergo background checks to avoid exploitation and abuse.


The U.S. has committed to address the causes of migration and aid countries that are the most affected. Since September 2022, the U.S. has announced that they will provide $817 million in new assistance. $376 million will go towards humanitarian assistance for individuals affected by the Venezuelan crisis.