For individuals without a Canadian Job offer, but are highly skilled in Saskatchewan’s Occupations in Demand, this PNP may be the right pathway for you; so long as you are willing and have the intent to relocate to Saskatchewan. Not the wrong choice for a Province that has the most sunshine than any other Province in Canada.

Now, the good think about the Saskatchewan PNP is that it targets occupations in demand, both Skilled occupations as well as Occupations in Trade. Those with an academic or technical degree, diploma or certificate, must receive an Education Credential Evaluation and Individuals who have completed trades or vocational training as part of their high school education are not required to submit an ECA, but must instead apply for licensure based on the specific occupational requirements. Language Test scores must be a minimum of CLB 4, which is much lower than the Federal Express Entry system.

Trade Occupations include Meat Cutters, Bakers, Glaziers, Heavy-duty equipment mechanics/technicians, Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers, and Motor vehicle body repairers.

While the program criteria and documentation may seem overwhelming, our firm is here to assist you in the entire process. The Law Firm of Faryal R. Poonah is eager to help you achieve your immigration needs. Simply visit our website at and complete the online assessment.