September 22, 2020

With the recent news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing, many of us are wondering who will ever fill the Notorious RBG’s shoes. Now, you could never tell that RBG was only 5’ 1” with her big personality and bigger views.

Now the burning question is who will be able to fill those big shoes left by a female jurist who fought for gender equality, women’s rights, and other judicial rights.

With the legacy she leaves behind, it is not surprising that there has been much debate on when and who should replace Justice Ginsberg. In fact, Justice Ginsberg herself made a dying wish to her granddaughter, that

“most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Historically, this has been the case. In fact, when former Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016, while President Barrack Obama was in office, Senate Republicans were adamant that his seat should not be filled due to the upcoming presidential election, which was approximately nine months away; while, the Democrats disagreed.

What is ironic now is that the same Republic party now wants to fill Justice Ginsberg’s seat, with only 6 weeks from the date of the election, and is set to happen on Saturday.

While 8 months to election date was too close to vote for a new Justice; how is only 6 weeks to election day a permissible time frame to choose a new Justice? Clearly, this question will not be answered as Trump is making his decision pretty soon and everyone seems to be okay with his decision.