When United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) reopens on June 4, 2020, interviews and oath ceremonies will be quite different. There have been many policy updates since the COVID-19 pandemic and USCIS’s reopening procedures are in line with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Some of these measures include social distancing and the requirement to wear face coverings.

In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, USCIS Field Offices and Asylum Offices have implemented the following changes:

  • Some interviews will be held over video in separate rooms at an agency office.
  • Asylum interviews – Video facilitated asylum interviews will be implemented for asylum interviews because of the lengthy interview time. The applicant will sit in one room and the interviewing officer will sit in another room. In order for the applicant, interpreter and Attorneyto attend the interview, the asylum offices will provide available technology, such as an agency provided mobile device, to participate in the interview safely and maintain social distancing
  • Naturalization Oath Ceremonies will be shorter; no video presentations, instead you will receive a flyer with all the necessary information. Only legally required parts of the ceremony will be performed. Naturalization ceremonies have changed significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Some states have even conducting outdoor ceremonies where they are social distancing and limiting the number of people at the ceremony

Please be advised that USCIS has indicated that some people may be denied entry if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or they have been in contact with someone that does. If you are sick, you must reschedule for another appointment date. USCIS is allowing applicants to reschedule or cancel without penalty