Quebec’s “values test” is now in effect for immigrants settling in Quebec. All newcomers will have to pass the test before their application will continue moving forward. Candidates will have to be taken within 2 years before they are able to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. 20 questions will be chosen out of 100, consisting of true/false and multiple and must be completed within 90 minutes. A passing score of 75 per cent is required. Although controversial, the values test is said to fast-track newcomers to “better meet employers’ needs”.

A sample of the test questions has been published. Here are 5 of them:

  1. In Quebec, women and men have the same rights and this is inscribed in law.

True. False.

  1. Choose the illustration or illustrations that indicate who is allowed to marry in Quebec

The illustrations depict:

Two men

Two women and one man

Two women

A man and a woman

Two men and one woman

  1. Identify which situations involved discrimination. A job refused:

To a pregnant woman

To a person lacking the required diploma

To a person because of their ethnic background

  1. Since March 27, 2019 by virtue of the secularism of state law, all new police officers may not wear religious symbols.

True. False.

  1. What is the official language of Quebec?




French and English

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